Advanced Cash - reliable and convenient payment system for everyone!

     Greetings, dear friends! This post starts series of articles about the most popular payment systems, in particular, for HYIP investors. In addition to the above mentioned number of articles, our authors team works with a bunch of useful and unique content that will serve you as a reliable companion on the path to success in the investment sphere.

      The Advanced Cash payment system (or AdvCash) is an offshore system suitable for a wide variety of needs. For owners of HYIP projects and online casinos, this is one of the main PS, through which its users can invest in the project. The AdvCash absence is considered a mauvais ton for the project.

       A nice system bonus is the possibility of issuing a card. With the AdvCash card, you can withdraw money from any ATM in your region. The best time to issue a card is the first week of registration - you will pay $5 registration instead of $15

      On this positive wave let's highlight the main pluses of Advanced Cash:

  • Safe, reliable, free from taxes - the pillars on which a high-quality payment system is held. Any of your transactions are intact and safe, as well as not attracting unnecessary attention from state authorities.
  • Access to 4 currency wallets: USD, EUR, RUB, GBP
  • "Tasty" exchange rates and low commission
  • Well-established inter-payment transfer system. Each user can easily transfer the funds to Payeer, Perfect Money, Yandex Money, Bitcoin; it supports SWIFT-transfers, can transfer funds to other cards.
  • User-friendly interface

      As you can see, AdvCash is a high-quality and original payment system that will satisfy everyone. Considering individual reasons, using Advanced Cash may be the best solution not for everyone. For example, since recently, in order to implement this system on your site, you need to have a verified account, which makes the HYPE admin inconvenient. But, as you know, every problem can be resolved.

      What is the feature of this EPS and what makes Advanced Cash unique?

  •  As you know, everything is relative. Those who have verified wallets in AdvCash and Perfect Money will agree - it is much easier to verify the wallets in the Advanced Cash payment system
  • As described above, all investment projects work with the described PS. By investing in the project through advcash, you get rid of the commission burden.
  • Verification process is much faster and less painless than Perfect Money

Tariffs for transfers

      Finally, we will list the popular options for withdrawing money from Advanced Cash to other payment systems.

• Advanced Cash Card output: $ 1

• On bank cards: $ 6 + 1%

• Payeer: 0.5%;

• Bitcoin: at the rate of the system;

• OKPay: 0,5%;

• Perfect Money: 0.5%;

• Payza: 1%;

• Visa / MasterCard: 20 UAH + 2%.

     We hope you enjoyed our article. Comment, wish and advise! Your opinion is highly valued. We will analyze each PS in detail soon, so that you can choose the right one for yourself.