Become a successful partner - how to get a regular and high income with affiliate programs?

     Greetings, friends! In this article we will talk a little about affiliate programs and effective methods to make a profit. In continuation of this article, we will publish projects with profitable programs, participation in which will allow to earn as an administrator and site owner, and as an ordinary user. If your site has an affiliate program that you would like to present in the format of the article - please contact us by e-mail

What is AP?

     But first, we will conduct a small intro for those who have never heard about such type of programs. So, an affiliate program (hereinafter referred to AP) is a form of business cooperation between business and clients, where project representatives provide an opportunity for a client to earn money - the client’s profit is directly proportional to the number of involved users or their activity (or both). Nothing complicated - just promote the project and get your own percentage for it.

     What are they paying for?

  • Payment per click - pay per click on the banner on your site
  • Payment for the transaction – for example, a person visit the site via your link, registered, and made a purchase/made an order. For each deal, you, as a person who attracted a user, receive a percentage (imagine if your referral does a huge number of such operations. And if you have 5 referrals which make a lot of operations?) By this service, you can receive 5 - 20%
  •  Payment for articles or video reviews - the site administrator places a review on his resource, where he clarifies the project and add links to it

     It may seem that AP is a way of earning only for people who have their own web-resources. In a greater degree, yes. But the story knows a lot of examples single-work referrals, who lots of decent money with affiliate programs.

Rules for attracting new users to the resource

     AP is an ideal method of earning for owners of popular web resources. If you have a huge audience, and you are a kind of authority for them, you shouldn’t have anything to offer them to use a new resource. But, of course, it’s stupid to offer for a target audience of sports reviews to start working with ePN - an affiliate program from AliExpress. Why? The counter question is: why should your audience be interested? Ask yourself this question every time considering partnership with a new partner.

     Take the same example. Target audience for fans of sports reviews, what could be interesting for them? Maybe, bookmaker’s office - there are very profitable conditions for partners! Tell your audience about a particular bookmaker’s office, for example, by writing an article about it or by preparing a video review. If you prepared a high-quality presentation of a project that will be interesting to visitors of your resource, you can easily find active users for a partner.

     It will be hard to promote resource for ordinary users who don’t have a site. Advertising posts in public and on forums is very quickly removed (if you don’t pay for them), and the work is reduced to zero. As a result, there is no feedback and motivation falls down. It would be more reasonable to become an experienced forum member on thematic forums to get acquainted with potential clients of the resource where you want to invite them and present this resource to them in PM or in a subject so that it would not seem like a advertisement, but a friendly recommendation. Use the same strategy in social networks and you will succeed.

The last words

     As you can see, working with AP is a painstaking task, but success here is open to everyone. The main secret is to feel as part of the resource that you are promoting. Otherwise, if you don’t like it, unlikely you will be able to present it with high quality. Compare different programs, choose only profitable ones, help projects become popular and your passive income will allow you to enjoy life every moment.