Guess the date of the HYIP-project scam and get a reward!

      Each of the investors faced the problem of losing money in the HYIPs. As you can see, our monitor does not have a script to automatically add projects and only selective projects get to our blog. We try to carefully select the HYIPs that we add and advertise on our resource, but as you know, they all tend to be a scam one day.

     For this reason, we present to you a special competition - guess the date of the project scam and get a 20% reward of your deposit.

     If you want to invest in one of the projects using our monitor, you will get full or increased refback, insurance (if the project provides insurance) and the opportunity to add 20% of the deposit to your profit, like in other monitors.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Invest in the project through our referal link(you need to be our referal).
  2.  Leave a comment with the exact date (for example, "I assume that the project will live until May 3, 2020"
  3. The date of the scam is the day when we didn’t receive payment according to the project regulations. For example, if the withdrawal from the project according to the regulations is 36 hours and we didn’t receive payment and there was no news from the project about technical problems or other information regarding payments, then this is considered a project scam and the date is fixed in the article.

Good luck and good profits, guys!