In order to make a strong understanding in the topic of earning money on HYIPs, we need to look into people’s attitudes towards"easy money". For understandable reasons (since each of us is an ordinary person more or less in one way or another), money that was earned in an untraditional way was never taken seriously as a means of income. It’s explained by our way of thinking, bounded by religious morals and the country political system. If a person does not change anything in his way of thinking, a typical mid-level manager will grow up, whose main conviction is "Do you want to live? Work!"

     The preceding lyrical introduction takes place for two interrelated reasons. The first one is a warning note: if you still have this skeptical attitude towards easy money and such kind of income, you shouldn’t get involved in the topic of HYIPs, but to build up understanding, it makes sense to finish reading this article to the end, as we will quite soon look at the image of a successful HYIP investor. The second: it is to motivate you to destroy unnecessary dogmas and start earning "easy money"offhand. Well, now we are ready to proceed directly to the topic.

What does HYIP exactly mean?

      Almost everywhere on the Internet, HYIP projects are positioned as an investment con, which can drop down at any moment. Partly it’s true. But to describe the concept of HYIP, it would be better to use another word - a lottery. Usually, the depositor income depends on the right moment chosen to withdraw money which was invested in the project after other investors. Facing such kind of project for the first time itis unlikely to believe that you can somehow calculate the possible profit and predict its lifetime. But after each HYIP detailed analysis, a person begins to see the patterns for which the project conducts its business. Making conclusions, the investor creates his own earning strategy for similar projects.

     Here, as well as elsewhere, the principle patience-and-labor works. In general terms, we found out what HYIP is and what the depositor's income is based on. Now let’s consider the rules of success in HYIP projects, modeling the portrait of a successful investor.

The successful investor portrait

     Note, as it has been described above, HYIP is a lottery. Nobody can promise you one hundred percent success for all your investments. A successful investor is the one, whose contributions earn an average profit in 80% cases. So, on average, 8 out of 10 deposits bring profit to the investor. The key word here is on average - sometimes there are sudden project scams or more agile investors who take all the money. But, nevertheless, a successful investor always remains in the black. What qualities should his person have?

  • Self-confidence. He is brave, intelligent and purposeful. He is able to recognize own mistakes, make conclusions using this experience and let them go easily.

  •   Patience and diligence. Sometimes you need to spend several hours to determine whether it is worth investing in a project. The correct decision can be made only if enough time is given to the task. A cold and rational mind is the basis, without which one can easily burn to ashes on the first project, having lost all faith in the possibility to earn this way.

  • Love of craft. If you do not like what you are doing, then you are unlikely to succeed. Having given up completely to your favorite business, you can quickly achieve the results far beyond the boundaries of the dreams you had at the very beginning of the journey.

     It's time to talk about the most interesting - we separate the wheat from the chaff - the choosing of the HYIP. Consider the main points that need to be paid attention to.

  • "Freshness" of the project. Generally, the best time to step into the project is after the first payments.

  • Do not forget -better a tomtit in your hand than a crane in the sky. Do not store too much money in the project, because at any time you can lose it. If you are a beginner, withdraw money as soon as you are in the plus.

  •  The project uniqueness is one of the first things that you should pay attention to when you first see the project. Pay attention to the design of the site, the writing, the interface. If you do not have any bad gut feelings, you can move on exploring the project (find references to the project on different Internet resources, for example)

       Invest in the project the amount of money you won’t feel sorry to lose.

     The tips mentioned above will help you make a start in your first investment. Invest in projects, get an income and be happy.