Surely, everyone who made at least a couple investments in different HYIP projects came up with the idea of creating his own creation. Someone stopped tryingwith the first obstacle, someone gave up somewhere half way. And someone just made his dream come true! Let's see, is it difficult to create a HYIP-projectby yourself?


Harsh reality

        Yes, creating your own HYIP requires a huge background, acquired by experience and by reading specialized literature, and serious investments. Alas, nothing will happen in a blink of an eye, but this does not mean that the creation of your own project is doomed to failure! So, let’s reserve ourselves with patience and prepare to decompose gigabytes of various information, and having complete confidence in the victory we are going to create a project! What do we need at the beginning?

Basic requirements for HYIP project

•  All HYIP projects are built on the so-called HYIP-script. The script is the basis of the project, in which all functionality of the projectgoes. Simply, this is the "Brains" of the HYIP. The script can be purchased, but if you are a programmer or are keen oncoding, you can try to write your own - in that case, you not only save money, but as a proprietoryou can sell itsometime in future.

•  Design. It is important to understand that the first thing that a potential investor pays attention to (hopefully, you will agree) is the design of the site. Therefore, it is very importantitto be attractive and user-friendly. Try to imagine the design that you will easily fall in love with, and then pass this image to the designer, or, again, try yourself if you have experience or you are interested in design.

• Surely you've seen the green locks in the URL line from the top sites. This is called SSLcertificate, or simpler - greenbar. The presence of an SSL certificate raises confidence in the administrators of the project. First, it protects the personal data of users, and secondly - it has already become a certain standard in the HYIP industry. A green bar is missing? It’s already amauvais ton.

• And, of course, you cannot forget about expenses for quality hosting.

      Advertisingneedsto be consideredseparately. Its absence will make almost any attemptsto progress impossible. If you already have a popular resource, the target audience of which can easily migrate to your HYIP, self-made PR will be enough. But otherwise, you risk notto recoup your project, which happens often enough, even if the project administration has invested in it quite an amount of money. Now we will consider the main aspects of a successful advertising campaign.

Correct HYIP-PR, without extra costs and imposing

       This topic is quite extensive and has many unexpectedpitfalls, and, in fact, deserves a separate article. But we will try to highlight the main methods ideal for both newbies and  experienced HYIP owners.

• The main direction in advertising for HYIPs are monitors. These are sites where everyone can see the HYIPsratings and basic information about each. This method works if you find a quality monitor. It takes time to find exactly the monitor you can afford and it satisfies the price-quality condition - but it's worth it.

• Another working method is posting advertisements on blogs about investments and HYIPs in particular. The blogreaders can be mostly seenas your potential investors. It can be newcomers who have just started to be interested in the topic of Internet investments, or fans of reading thematic articles. Both are often open to new offers and investment opportunities.

• Manage funds wisely. Sometimesit happens that the owners try to immediately invest all funds in one of the best and most expensive monitor, expecting a miracle in the form of a huge stream of investors. Sometimes, this miracle does not happen. It is much more reasonable to invest in several medium monitors, where your project will compete with the others.

     It should be noted that advertising, undoubtedly being the engine of the business, is absolutely not the single condition of success. Do not forget that a quality projectis the basis of it. In pursuit of new investors, the owners of HYIP projects try to implement the project as soon as possible, forgetting to pay due attention to the design and efficiency of the site. Remember, the most important thing is a detailed strategy and a high-quality website. Without these, advertising can’t make your project profitable.