Positive thinking as the basis of high income. The story of our reader

    Hello everyone, my name is Andrew. Just a couple of years ago, I came across a book that completely changed my attitude to earnings and to life in general. We won’t consider the whole book, because the article will turn into a review. Our main goal is to understand how to earn more. All links to this and other books I will leave at the end of the article.


     As you might have guessed, the article will be about positive thinking, “thoughts are things” and about other things from this topic. I ask you to be very attentive, because IT REALLY WORKS. At first, I think that this is bullshit and nothing more than charlatanry. But in practice, everything turned out differently.

     I'll tell you my story. University graduation. I am 21 years old, and all my sources of income have been in sleep mode due to exam preparation. I had to start my projects from scratch, because the break was going for half a year. It was hard - I got used to the fact that everything always worked out easily for me (then money was not so needed, there was no urgency) and now there is no feedback from the projects. I was nervous, worried and completely lost faith in the fact that I can reach a normal profit.

     Sharing this experiences with a friend, he advised me a book called “Modeling the Future” (Unfortunately, this book has no English translation. We will present some similar books in English: Editor’s Note). I won’t talk about the book, I’ll just share with you the key information.

Financial flows extension. Personal experience

     For a while, my business was not going very well. I had to abandon projects and look for orders on freelance sites. As you understand, the profit directly depends on orders and customers. After I began to practice meditation for a week, the customers began to “stick” to me. I thought that it was coincidence, because my income was not very big those days, but that was only the beginning.

    Then I resurrected my projects, and with the new fuse I began to evolve them. After a couple of months I already had a high passive income. And then I have no doubt - it works.

     Today I want to share with you my recipe. For successful earnings you need to adopt the following rules:

  • Treat money with love - accept money, give it away or just think about it, with sincere love. IMPORTANT: treat money with gratitude.
  • Money is an attribute - money cannot be an end in itself. If you are really engaged in the process, sooner or later the money will come to you
  • Don’t be addicted - the attitude towards money should be easy and unconstrained. No need to constantly think about them and worry about their lack. This attitude breaks the balance. In short, don’t be attached to them.

     This is the basis. Try it, make these 3 rules your habit. Is it hard? After some time you will see a qualitative change in the attitude to money. And in order to speed up the process, the Golden Sphere meditation is proposed below.

Meditation "Golden Sphere"

     In this chapter, I will simply past a clipping from a book that describes this meditation.

We sit down very comfortably, close our eyes ...

We take a deep breath - and on the exhale we exhale all our thoughts ...

We take a second deep breath - and on the exhale we completely relax ...

We take a third deep breath - and after exhale, we plunge into the space of our heart ...

we center all our attention on it and exit through the head out of the body ... We go higher,

Higher and higher...

Look down - you are already hovering over your city ... Rise higher, go out

beyond the planet ... And find yourself in space ... See our Earth from space - see that

around our planet there is a dense golden shell. This is the energy of money ...

Fly up to her and immerse yourself in it ... Dissolve in the golden light ... Stay in feeling her energy. Feel what it feels like ...

And when you are completely dissolved in the energy of money, you are in the golden space,

where all desires related to money come true very quickly. And here in

our hands appears a bundle of money - but exactly one in which you can believe that it will be given to you easily. And you begin, as we have already done, to count money. Feel them

like real, just feel ... Hear how they crunch, and feel their smell ...

With love and gratitude, we recount exactly the money amount in which we can believe

That it will come for no special reasons. Then we put the money in our pocket with a sense of joy ... And now

take a piece of this golden energy and take in your heart. Now

We become friendly and united with this wonderful energy.

And when it was in our heart, we smoothly return to the body ... We do a deep

inhale ... And on the exhale - with a smile and good mood - we return ...

Now you have found a true friend and helper for life - money energy. Remember that she, like all living being, needs love and care! Do this meditation periodically, because any friendship requires nourishment. She will help you improve your well-being. But remember: the main key to wealth and abundance is your love. Without it, everything in our world is meaningless.

Let yourself to own

     I’ve tested this method in betting and in the HYIP industry. I imagined that money comes to me from different projects or I always faced with winning predictions. It worked for me in most cases and I raised some money, but I always had feeling that it was not mine, I decided to end with it.

     I don’t impose anything, I just share such a straightforward way of having more. I have a strong feeling that I should share this story with an area where profit depends on luck. If the article helps you on the road to financial well-being, I will be glad to read your comments under the article.

     And I completely forgot to add - it is important to believe. Believe in the reality of this method. And according to your faith be it done to you…

     If you like this topic, the topic of positive thinking and modeling of your reality, I leave you links to the following books:

     Power, Rhonda Byrne

     Reality Transurfing, Vadim Zeland