Prostocash - profitable and reliable exchanger for everyone.

     “How to choose an exchanger?” - This is the most frequently asked question among all investors from different areas. With the rising of exchange services’ monitoring, it has become an easy task, because everyone can exchange funds in any direction now, but with the experience of numerous exchanges comes realizing that you need to highlight several convenient exchangers and use only them. To register in them, receive bonuses or cooperate by affiliate program.

     Such flash has come to our team. We would like to share our experience, tell about our exchangers and explain why we use them. And our hit parade opens Prostocash exchange service!

Main characteristics

     This exchanger has been successfully working for two years. Semi-automatic mode allows you to make quick transaction - the transfer time is less than 10 minutes. Huge reserves and round-the-clock service’s work will allow you to make a transfer at any time. Add here profitable rate of exchange – a perfect exchanger, isn’t it?

     Exchanging is quite simple:

  • Choose the necessary payment systems. Prostocash has a huge number of payment systems. It’s won’t be difficult for service to transfer money from Bitcoin to a bank card, or, for example, from Qiwi to AdvCash
  • Fill out the form below and wait. If your exchange direction hasn’t got a cryptos on its way, your money will be transferred literally in a half of shake. Otherwise, the operation may take up to 10 minutes, not more.


     And that’s all, there are no fussy procedures, no need to write your phone number or spend hours waiting for the money. But there is another useful field, “coupons”, we’ll talk about them a little bit later.

The proper use of the exchanger

     In order to maximize the use of the resource, you must register. In your personal account you can set the details of the payment systems you frequently use - so you don’t have to enter the details every time, the system will set them up for you.

     Another advantage of registration is the abovementioned coupons. In short, the more often you use this exchanger - the more discount amount you will have for next transfers. Coupon is a unique code that gives a discount; it can be summed up with the discount that you already had. To gain a coupon, you need to successfully complete the transaction. Also, the coupon can be found on the forums and partner sites.

     If you like this exchanger as much as we, thanks to the affiliate program, you can become a part of it. To do this, you need an account on the site. The site has a two-level referral system - 0.6% of the amount of direct referrals and 0.2% of the amount of second-level referrals.

     By registering on our referral link you get 100% refback from us. So, you can save money on transfers not only by coupons, but also by our bonus for you.

     If you have any questions, you can learn more about the work of the service in the F.A.Q section, or write to support by email or in Telegram.

     Don’t forget that it’s always better to try yourself! Visit the site and make profitable exchanges with Prostocash.