Zonders - Medium-income HYIP-project with attractive plans

     Greetings, friends! We decided to launch the HYIP’s reviews section again and start to tell you about profitable projects. And the section is opened by the time-proved project Zonders.

     The project started on October 15, 2018. Despite such a long term, the project still has a steady stream of new deposits. Our team also decided to join the project - we are absolutely sure that we and our referrals will be able to earn along with the project.

Main characteristics:

  • Start of the project: October 15, 2018

  • Manual payments: application processing takes up to 72 hours

  • Minimum deposit amount: $ 15

  • Minimum withdrawal amount: $ 0.1

  • Script: licensed H-SCRIPT

  • Main payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash

  • 3-level affiliate program: for referrals of the 1st level you get 4%, 2nd - 1.5%, 3rd - 0.5%

     As elsewhere, the first impression comes from the site itself. The nice design of the project and a convenient site structure allows you to learn basic information about the project in just a couple of minutes. The first thing a site visitor pays attention to is plans. The project has seven of them, all of them are unified for the individual needs.

     For a test, you can try the first plan, since the deposit on it is the fastest payable - in just four days you will receive 6% of your deposit. We recommend to our referrals to start from the second plan - thanks to it, the partner bonus is charged on the deposit, and not on profit as in the first plan. And our referrals in the project will receive 100% refback from the referral commission.

     For now, we decide to test the project on the first plan



     The Zonders project stands out sharply against the background of ordinary HYIPs. On the site, you can find information about the Bounty program. You can get $0.5 for reposts in social networks, and up to $100 for a video about the project, depending on the activity on the Youtube channel.

     And even more! Each investor can increase their level in the project and earn Z-Points - the internal currency of the project. So, for example, if an investor reaches level 5, he gets an opportunity to receive payments from referrals of level 4, and also receives a one-time bonus of $50. Reaching the 6th level, the investor receives another $100 bonus. At the maximum, the 9th level, the investor gets the possibility of instant payments and instant withdrawal of the deposit.

     In brief about Z-Point. 1 Z-Point = 1 $. After replenishing his balance in the project, the investor receives an amount equivalent to his contribution. That is, by replenishing your balance by $100 each user instantly receives 100 Z-Points. These points are also awarded for participation in the referral program. The more points, the higher your level in the project.

     Finally, we remind you about our competition - Greencly gives you the opportunity to win $20 by participating in the contest Guess the date of the project scam! If you have any guesses, write the estimated end date of the project in the comments below the article. Remember, only our referrals can take part in the competition.

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