In brief about cryptocurrencies

     In 2017 the topic of crypto currency literally exploded the Internet with its popularity and interest from readers of many information resources. After  rapid popularization of bitcoin, a huge number of different crypto-currencies began to appear in the world, both altcoin and crypto-currency with a unique code. Today we will consider the concept of crypto currency in general and its variety.
     Crypto currency is one of the types of digital currency, created and controlled by cryptographic methods. Usually, the crypto-currency account is decentralized. Crypto-currencies work on blocktechnologies, an acyclic graph directed, a consensual register, etc. The main cryptocurrency is bitcoin, in 2011 an articleabout it was published in the Forbes magazine. Using the bitcoin system, a lot of crypto-currencies were created (so-called Altсoins), the developers simply took the bitcoin code and added something of their own to it, which, in their opinion, optimizes the system performance. This process is called "HardFork"
      Next, consider the Etherium. This crypto currency was developed by the Canadian programmer VitaliyButerin (born in Russia, live in Canada, where he moved with his parents at the age of six) in 2015. The money for creation Vitali collected withcrowefinding - voluntary donation  funds in network. This crypto currency, although very similar in structure to bitcoin, has several significant differences. One of them is the maximum number of existing bitcoins at the same time - 21 million, while the "ether" has no boundaries in this. In the Ethereum system, the blocks can appear every 10-15 seconds, but bitcoin loses noticeably, since it takes up to 10 minutes for the block to appear.
One of the crypto currencies that quickly gained popularity is Ripple. Two of main features - it is considered the fastest crypto currency and its code is fully created for the order of venture funds. This crypto currency can not be mined, because it is centralized and all units of currency (more than 38 billion) already belong to one company Ripple LAB.
The most anonymous crypto currency is Dash. In this system, you can not monitor other people's transactions, since transaction data is not published in blocks. The difference from bitcoin is the existence of operators, which they need to implement transactions. They, as well as "miners", earn money by processing information on their computers. They say that on average operators earn twice as much as "miners", but we'll talk about the topic of earning on cryptocurrencies without buying them in another article.